Instalushlove’s top 5 bath bombs.

My top 5 bath bombs.

OK so as you can all probably tell I absolutely love my bath bombs. They were the first ever items I bought from lush at Christmas time.
Now time has gone on and I have been so lucky to be able to try nearly every one of the regular line bombs and quite a few kitchen exclusive bombs.

Over the past few months I have definitely got some firm favourites which will always be my favourites. That’s the thing with lush once you find something that you adore and want to savour for ever it’s scent will never leave you!

So here they are my top 5;



Dragons egg bath bomb doesn’t look very special. But once this orange zesty ball of wonder hits the water you will understand why it’s in my top 5. With a beautiful orange inner along with a burst of gold lustre.



Now once again looking at this you may think Ahh another boring blue one. But I kid you not buy one. You will be converted to the frozen bath bomb. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful bath bombs I have used.



If you love the shower gel you will love this bath bomb. It’s such a relaxing, soothing, pretty bath bomb. This is certainly made to make you feel so relaxed and special.



Now you cannot get this anywhere in the world anymore. It was a Oxford Street exclusive plus it came into the lush kitchen. It sold out in record time. If you likes the yummy mummy shower gel then this bath bomb was for you. The smell. The look. The colours. Just everything about it I love!

My number 1; YOGA BOMB


Don’t be fooled. This bath bomb is the most spectacular bomb I have ever witnessed. It may look boring but trust me it isn’t. Inside is a colourful wonderment. A beautiful earthy smell that relaxes you and makes you feel so relaxed and in another world!

Obviously I have a lot more bath bombs I love. But these 5 are bombs I never not want in my stash. And unfortunately I don’t have any frozen or Dragons egg…don’t worry I will be ordering some.
If you haven’t tried any of these bath bombs your truly missing out on some amazing experiences.

All of these can be bought online the lush website. Apart from roller.

lush website

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** thesereviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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