Instalushlove reviews Sunflower bubble bar. Lush cosmetics.

Sunflower bubble bar 2016!

Ahh the sunflower. A hard to get item. One bubble bar i had to get my hands on.
This was an Oxford Street exclusive item. But you could buy this in other stores BUT only in 2 gift sets.

It was brought out for mothers day 2016. And was a very popular product. Now if you haven’t had chance to try this i am sorry. Because this has to be one of THE best bubble bars.


For a start it’s soooo beautiful. Exactly like a sunflower. The colours are so so bright and happy! You can certainly see why this was so popular with everyone.

It’s also HUGE! I wasn’t expecting it to be as big as it is. But honestly it’s bigger than my hand!


This was priced at £4.95. And totally worth the price. 2016 was the first ever year this was made and I hope they bring it back next year.


A lot of people describe the scent as a lemon scent. But my nose gets all sorts of fresh and zingy fruits. It’s very much like a cocktail of opal fruits. I can certainly smell lemon but it’s not the main smell.
In this bubble bar there is sunflower petals on top. Yes actual sunflower petals. This just finishes off this wonderful bar.

As this bubble bar is so big you definitely don’t need to use a lot of it and it will last numerous of baths. I usually use either 2 petals or 1 petal and a bit of the orange centre. This is plenty to fill the water with amazing fluffy creamy bubbles.

As soon as the water hits the bar the water turns into a lovely deep yellow/orange colour.


I always use a siv to create a mound of bubbles in all my baths. This way I can get the most out of my bubble bars. The pressure of the water creates a lot more bubbles. Once the bar has dispersed into the bath I then swish the water around with the siv. Again this activates the bubble bar even more.
As soon as I had finished swishing I could see the bubbles were awesome. So thick and creamy. Certainly a lot more smoother than the regular line bubble bars.
The bubbles last the whole bath too!


When I got out of the bath I could still smell the fruitiness of the bubble bar. And it made my skin feel so so soft! It certainly nourished my whole body.

I am lucky enough to still have 1 full and one half of these bubble bars left.
If you are able to snap one of these up on a online group get it. You won’t regret it.

Over all I would give this 9/10.
And I pray they come back next year!

To watch a full demo of this bubble bar click here.
Unfortunately you cannot purchase this anymore.

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** thesereviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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