Instalushlove reviews Lava lamp bath bomb. Lush cosmetics.

Lava lamp bath bomb.

It’s zippy!!!!! OMG this bath bomb looks like zippy from rainbow!!!
OK OK this bath bomb was one of the first bombs to ever enter the amazing Lush Oxford Street store. When lush first opened the mothership this bomb was well and truly an exclusive product.


Now from what I have read online there were quite a few complaints about the original bomb. Apparently it was staining people and their bath tubs!
So sadly it was taken off the shelfs. You could no longer buy this anywhere. Until now. It has now been re formulated. Better ingredients and better all round. I didn’t try this bath bomb when it first came out so I cannot compare the two.

This is a large bath bomb and is priced at £3.95. It can be bought online and it’s now been distributed to all UK (as far as I am aware) stores. So now everyone can enjoy this little wonder.


As you can see its a very orange bomb. With what look like little discs of something embedded inside. This is purple bath oil that has been squished inside.
Once this hits the water right away big frothy orange bubbles fill the bath. It fizzes quickly and the oil disc’s sink to the bottom. Once the oil warms with the water you will start to see the colour purple popping through the orange fizz.
Now a lot of people have said to me that this smells just like chocolate orange. Now to me personally it’s not chocolaty in the slightest. It has the sharpness and freshness of the orange but it’s more of a vanilla/toffee kick to it which isn’t over powering.  It reminds me of opal fruits.
There is orange flower absolute, Mandarin oil, tangerine oil and cocoa butter all crammed into this bomb.


Now some people may think “oh I wonder why it’s called lava lamp?” And I did too. But once the full bomb has fizzed and filled the water with an amazing bright orange colour you will notice the “lava”. This takes me back to the disc’s. Once the oil/lava has warmed with the water it will then rise back up and Bob about the surface. It looks just like thoes 60s lava lamps everyone used to have. The oil sits in the water in perfect little balls waiting for you to sink your body into.


Now upon seeing this I decided I wasn’t going to even attempt to wash my hair in this bath. There was a lot of oils in the bath and it will just turn your hair into a greasy mess and you would need to wash it again anyway! You can definitely feel the oils on your skin right away. The purple sits on your skin and makes it feel super nourished.


I noticed the oils don’t dispers into the water. It will sit on top until it hits the sides or bubbles and will stick to the bath.
I was worried it would stain my skin and tub after reading all the bad reviews on this bomb.


But it didn’t! Yes it left a ring of purple but it cleaned off right away with the shower head (I needed to wash my hair). Because of the amount of oils I would advise to have a quick shower after using this bath bomb. Your skin will become a bit too slippy and oily. So a quick shower down should wash away all the excess.
The only thing it has dyed is my bath pillow. But it’s not something I am that worried about as the amount of water etc that goes onto it I am pretty sure it will all come off at some point.

Over all I would give this a 7/10. I adore the smell. It’s just a little too oily. Maybe just having 2 disc’s embedded in the bomb. But I will be buying more. It made me feel lovely and fresh afterwards.

To watch the full video demo click here and this will take you to my YouTube channel.

To buy this bath bomb click here and this will take you to the lush website.

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** thesereviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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