Instalushlove reviews Golden egg bomb/melt.

Golden egg bomb/melt. Lush easter 2016.

Gooses! Geeses!
I want my geese to lay gold eggs for Easter.
Unfortunately these aren’t golden eggs from a goose. But as soon as I think of these they instantly remind me of Verruca salt in Charlie and the chocolate factory.


These eggs were a limited edition item for lush’s easter range. So they were only around for about 8 weeks or so (maybe 12 I can’t remember). These were obviously an egged shape and cost £3.95 each. Me personally they aren’t worth the price.

As you can see its very glittery. There is no escaping this glitter. It will get absolutely everywhere. As soon as I picked this up I was covered.
My advise will be to wrap it in cling film as soon as you can and keep it in there until your just about to use it.


This isn’t just a bath bomb. The inside  (centre) is a foamy bomb but on the outside is a creamy melt. It’s beautiful Cocoa butter which instantly starts to melt when you place it into the water. The glitter fully disperses and to be honest it looks like a potato! Once the melt has melted a bit you will notice the inside bomb start to peek through. A lovely creamy foam bubbles out mixing with the yellow Cocoa butter.



This shares it’s scent with honey I washed the kids soap. A lovely sweet toffee and honey scent.
As soon as you smell this you will love it. When it’s in the water the scents are heightened and the toffee really comes out. The melt part of this leaves a thin layer of Cocoa butter on the surface of the water. It’s a very indulgent bath. Made to make your skin feel extra nourished and soft.


The scent certainly sticks to your skin once your out of the bath. Plus the glitter. Now I was expecting more of the glitter to be stuck to every part of me but I was surprised as I wasn’t like a disco ball! The water isn’t overly an inviting colour. It does look like you have peed in the bath. A very yellow colour. But to be honest that didn’t bother me. When you drain the water you will see where all the glitter is. The whole of the bottom of the tub was covered in gold lustre. But it took me a few seconds to wash it away with the shower head.


Once out of the bath I was also expecting my skin to feel greasy and slippery due to the amount of Cocoa butter that’s on these. But I was pleased to see that I didn’t feel like a grease ball and my skin did feel lovely and soft. But not a lot softer than if I used half a regular lush bath oil.
I have 2 more of these to use which I am looking forward too. I think one will be a cocktail bath and one on its own to see how it fairs as this one was used with a GOTF bath bomb.

This isn’t something I would keep reaching for and it’s not in my top 10.
But overall I would give it 6/10. Only because it is quite boring and it does look like you have just thrown a potato into your bath!

To watch a full demo of the Golden egg bomb click here and this will take you to my YouTube channel.

As it’s not easter anymore you can no longer buy this product. Maybe they will bring it back next year!


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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