Instalushlove reviews Oral pleasure toothy tabs from lush.

Oral pleasure toothy tabs.

Yes I am sorry you read that right. These toothy tabs are called oral pleasure. I have no idea why and I don’t want to know why!

Toothy tabs are an alternative to regular tooth paste. They look like little tablets..hence the tab! 

It’s natural ingredients and no fluoride in any of Lush’s teeth products. Some people still need fluoride as there isn’t any in the water…like me so I cannot use these 100% of the time.


I was given these as a sample in an online order. I have only ever tried miles of smiles toothy tabs and they made me heave! I was hoping these would be different.


These are a red/orangey colour and smell sweet and fruity.
They are packed with rose and vanilla and are supposed to taste like passion fruit.


I certainly got a fruity taste with these along with the weird powdery taste that comes with it. They are a weird sensation when using these as I said in my other review its not natural to chew your tooth paste.
Bite down with your front teeth and chew until it forms a paste/froth. I could stomach these tabs a lot better than miles of smiles. But I think because of its fruity taste it made it a nicer experience.


Wet your brush and once it’s all crushed in your mouth brush and keep brushing until your happy!


It’s a bit unnerving seeing the orange foam coming from your teeth.


But as like the others I have tried they do leave your teeth feeling very very clean. With oral pleasure the after taste isn’t to bad either. It’s slightly chalky but not horrible.

I am still not overly sold on these yet.
Over all I would give these 6/10.

It’s only a short review as I haven’t really made my mind up about any toothy tabs as of yet so I am aiming to try everyone of them including the powders to make my mind up!

To buy these click here and this will take you to the teeth section on the lush website.


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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