Instalushlove reviews Noubar Soap from lush.

Noubar Soap.

Now I will be honest from the get go…I don’t buy soap. Soap is not a must have in mine or my family’s life. I have no need for soap. I have always washed my face with water and hands with hand wash. I find every soap dries my skin out.
Until I found lush.


The first ever soap I got from lush is my favourite of all time Snowcake. It was around Christmas time and I was so excited to receive it and I wasn’t disappointed. But that’s another review for a different day.

As you can see noubar is an odd colour. Lime green with nuts. Yep nuts. It seems rather odd to me to put actual nuts inside soap? Why? What on earth can these things bring to my skin?


As you can probably tell this soap is a kitchen item. So it’s not in the regular shops or online. It’s bought out once in a while when ever the kitchen feels like it. Now I have found soaps aren’t overly popular with the kitchen and lush in general. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t good or don’t work for their purpose.

Noubar is a soft soap. (Like snowcake) and when opening out of the packet you will notice the green oils left over on the wax sheet. Now inside this soap it’s packed with a lot of fresh nuts. Peanuts, almonds, walnuts and pistachio nuts. Each nut is there for their exfoliating properties.
Now I found more pistachio nuts than any others but these were whole in the soap. They also discoloured slightly too. Going a dark brown colour but this didn’t put me off. As after all its fresh!


This doesn’t smell nutty one bit. Well to me it doesn’t but people have different senses. It’s packed with cedarwood and hand picked petals from senir in Turkey. This creates the amazing rose absolute fragrance that lavishes your skin with care and moisture.

With all soaps from lush they aren’t cheap. For kitchen soaps they all come in 100g chunks and are roughly around £4.50 each. Now this sounds very expensive but if you use the soap a little at a time it will last you months. I use a sharp knife to cut off a small cube. I find this the best way to preserve the rest of the bar and your only using a small amount at a time. Even the chunk I cut off never gets used in one go!


Now as I say I find most soaps dry my skin out terribly. It usually makes my face really tight and feeling awful. Which in turn I have to use a lot of moisturiser to actually move my face again!
With this and all bar one soap I have tried from lush they don’t dry my skin out. Well not as much as regular soaps. The coconut oil really gives the skin moisture. I mean it feels a little dry when it’s all washed off but my face doesn’t turn into clay!

The lather on lush soaps I have found not to be don’t tend to get tons of bubbles from soap anyway. But this gives you a beautiful milky green layer of softness and a little really goes a long way.


I tend to store my soaps on a soap dish to dry out. I find if I leave them on the side of the bath they stick and fall apart. So leave it to dry fully. Then I wrap it back in cling film.

So over all I give this a 8/10. I found the nuts slightly odd and the colour.

At the moment you can still buy this from the lush kitchen on line. But it will dissappear soon. Link is here. But if you click and it doesn’t take you to this item it’s now not in the kitchen.


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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