Instalushlove reviews Heavenly bodies buttercream

Heavenly bodies buttercream.

Wow! Just wow….if a review was just one word that would be it.
This buttercream has got to be THE most amazing item I have ever purchased from Lush. And I wish I had bought more…and more…and more….


This buttercream is deceving. From first look you would think this was some sort of body moisturiser to use after your shower or bath. But nope. This is to be used while your in the shower (or bath). I personally use it right at the very end. Once I have fully washed my hair, body and everything else in between.


Now lush say this shares it’s scent with the ever so popular sonic death monkey shower gel. I will admit it kind of has the same Cocoa smell but it’s not the same scent.
This fantastic creation is packed with orange, Cocoa, coconut oil, rahssoul mud, vanilla, fresh orange juice and cocoa butter. This is well and truly packed with amazing fresh goodness.
The rahssoul mud is deeply cleansing and this particular ingredient is found in Morocco near the atlas mountains.
The Cocoa gives the ever lasting scent. This lingers on your skin for hours and hours. Honestly when I opened this for the first time I wanted to eat it. It reminds me of a chocolate orange!! It’s truly heavenly.

The texture is a thick creamy texture. Perfect for grabbing a hand full and smearing it all over your body.


This can be used everywhere you can think of. Simply scoop out as much as you need rub and cleanse. You will notice a slight lather but it’s not like a shower gel. It doesn’t produce bubbles. Just a slight milky texture which absorbs into your skin. Once your finished simply rinse. I could smell this on me all night and most of the next day and I felt amazing!!


As this is a kitchen item it probably won’t be back for a while…I will have to keep pestering them to bring it back soon! Unfortunately you can’t buy it now. But next time I advise everyone to try and get at least one tub.
It’s a large tub and cost £10.95 and it’s 100% worth it.

Over all I would give this 10/10 as to me it’s just perfection.


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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