Instalushlove reviews miles of smiles toothy tabs.

Lush cosmetics miles of smiles toothy tabs.

What are toothy tabs?

I had never heard of these before in my life! I have always used normal squeeze out of the tube tooth paste.


So these little creations are very new to me and I never knew you could get tiny hard round tablet type things to clean your teeth with!
I have seen people talk about these but they didn’t appeal to me at all. But as I am trying to switch to lush completely I asked for some samples with my last online order.


As you can see these do not look like tooth paste at all. In fact they don’t look like anything you should just clamp down on and chew! They look like tablets you should take with a big gulp of water.

I was so uneasy trying these for the first time and it took me a few words of encouragement to actually put it into my mouth.
Now I hate weird things in my mouth and if my brain instantly says no, my mouth will also say no!
Your supposed to bite down with your front teeth until it turns into a paste. But me in a flap about having some weird object floating around in there just clamped down with my whole mouth. As soon as my mouth felt the texture I heaved 🙈. I know I know I am complete wuss.
But this powdery, foamy thing just crumbled up and spouted bubbles down my throat! Blurgh!!

But I had to keep chewing. Just keep chewing. Until it got a bit more thicker and the powder was nearly dissolved. I then just stuck my tooth brush in and brushed like this was the last time I was ever going to be able to brush my teeth.
Once the tab had fully dissolved and I had brushed for a good minute it started to feel OK. Still quite bubbly and they didn’t taste very minty. More powdered mint than anything.


OK yes I am sorry. I look like a wii character!
Once I had finished brushing I spat…and yes my mouth felt like chalk!
This wasn’t the experience I was hoping for at all.

But they made my teeth so so clean!!! Cleaner than normal tooth paste. I was astonished that this little powdered tab could get my pearly whites feeling so good.

So after all that drama of putting it into my mouth it was kind of worth it in the end.

Lush do different types of these toothy tabs and powdered tooth paste. They all have different tastes. I have also tried oral pleasure…oh gosh….erm yes it is the name of a product….arghhh!

Overall I would give these a 4/10 for the experience and 7/10 for the way they made my teeth feel so clean.

I will be reviewing more toothy tabs as I try them. To purchase them click here. This will take you to the teeth products.
I didn’t do a YouTube video on these as it’s basically biting and brushing!

Enjoy x
** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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