Instalushlove reviews phoenix bubble bar.

Lush kitchen phoenix bubble bar 2016

Wahhhttt a phoenix bubble bar?????
Now when you see this name you automatically assume that this bubble bar will be purple with gold lustre and a Cinnamon stick inside. Well…you couldn’t be more wrong!


This has to be one of the least attractive bubble bars lush do. A brown…potato shape bath product? Now you would also assume the smell was the same as the phoenix rising bath bomb. Well once again your wrong.


I know a lot of people have said in the past this smells like Cinnamon bread…well…I don’t know what’s wrong with their sense of smell but it smells nothing like Cinnamon bread!
It looks a lot like Cinnamon bread but alas it’s not.
This does have a slight Cinnamon smell but what comes through the most is herbs? It’s a very strong clove and sandlewood fragrance. Which in turn makes this a lovely spicy bar. It’s a very natural herby smell not plastic in any way.


What I especially love about this bubble bar is how soft and easy it was to use. It crumbled so well between my fingers. I also use a siv which I feel generated more frothy creamy bubbles as the hot water hit the bar. You may think this bar would turn your water a horrid brown colour but thankfully the water was white. A slight cloud in the water.


I have to say I loved this bubble bar as it made me feel all warm and relaxed. My skin didn’t feel softer overall but the smell did linger on my skin for a good few hours after the bath. This bubble bar is perfect for helping with achy muscles or to help if you feel poorly. It will relax your whole body and mind.

As this is a kitchen item this isn’t regular to buy from the lush stores or online.
As I love spicy bath products I have fallen in love with this bubble bar. And I am so glad I bought 4. Hopefully in the future they will be making it again.
Overall this bubble bar would get an 8/10 as I would of loved for the scent to stick around on my skin all day!

To watch a full demo of this bubble bar click here. And it will take you to my YouTube channel.


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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