Instalushlove reviews honey lumps bath bomb.

Honey lumps bath bomb. Lush kitchen 2016.

I was sent this bath bomb as a apology for a cancelled order with out notification from Lush.
I hadn’t personally wanted this bath bomb as it just didn’t stand out to me. So when I was sent it is thought why not. I love trying new bath things so let’s give it a whirl.


As you can see from the outside this really isn’t a very exciting bomb. And it’s not.
As soon as you smell this bath bomb you can smell the sweet aroma of the honey and nothing else. There are tiny pieces of honey inside this bomb which dispers and melt into the water.

It’s quite a fast fizzer and created fluffy white bubbles as soon as it hits the water. Then it just fizzed. The honey scent became even more apparent when in he water.


There is nothing fancy or anything that makes me go wow with this bath bomb. As you can probably tell I love bright, happy and colourful bombs. Bombs that tell a story as soon as you smell it.
This did nothing for my senses or my visual pleasure.

It turned the water a cloudy white and all he the tiny honey lumps did dissolve into the the water which in turn made my skin feel lovely and so



I sooo wish there was more I could tell you about this bath bomb but there really



So it’s a really short review. Over all I would give this one a 2/10. It’s not something I will buy again. I know a lot of people love the simple nourishing bath bombs, well you would love this one.
As this was a kitchen item I cannot link to purchase.

If you would like to watch it in action click here and it will take you to my YouTube channel.


** thesereviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics**


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