Instalushlove reviews twilight Shower gel.

Twilight Shower gel. Lush kitchen 2016.

Well anyone who loves the twilight bath bomb will LOVE the shower gel. This is such a popular gel and goes so so fast whenever it’s in the lush kitchen. I wasn’t lucky enough to grab one the first time this was released. But thankfully it was back just a week later! And I managed to get one through a group order and I am so so so happy I did.


The smell, the colour, the texture of this shower gel is utterly awesome. With beautiful silver lustre inside it certainly looks like a twilight sky! As you know with the bath bomb this is also aimed to relax and aid a good night’s sleep. It’s full of sweet tonka and ylang-ylang oils and obviously lavender. The balance between all these scents is truly beautiful. Nothing is too strong and they compliment each other so well.


The kitchen shower gels all come in the 250g bottles and are priced between £10/ £13 depending on the ingredients.

As soon as you smell this you will instantly fall in love. If you don’t like lavender and tonka together then you won’t like this.
It’s a beautiful deep purple colour which has the awesome sparkle and shine.


The consistency is also perfect. It’s not too thick and not to thin. It pours out beautifully.
You don’t need a lot of this to get a good lather.
I use this when filling the bath with a bubble bar. The water created lovely soft and creamy bubbles.


I also use some on a sponge. When put into the water it foams up so well. Creamy foamy froth to lather yourself with. The water turns a lovely pale purple with the silver lustre swimming around you.


I would recommend this shower gel to everyone I know. It’s the perfect gel to pamper yourself and relax your mind. The scent lasts ages once you have washed with it and you can smell it until the next morning. Pure beautiful.

Overall this gets a 9/10! And definitely in my top 5 of shower gels.


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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