Instalushlove reviews roller bath bomb.

Lush cosmetics limited edition Roller bath bomb.

One word….AMAZING!

If you haven’t managed to get your hands on this wonderment then I am so so so sorry. This bath bomb is the Queen of all bath products lush have ever invented in there lush kitchen and Oxford Street store. This bath bomb never came onto regular lines or even into regular stores.
This beautiful piece of art was only released in mothers day this year for Oxford Street only. Yes I was so so miffed but then lush surprised us and made them in their lush kitchen.

This bath bomb is white with a purple melt on one side. It looks awesome. And the smell wow….if you love all things strawberry this is most definitely the bomb for you. It’s sweet tonka absolute and fresh scent is beautiful.


I only managed to grab 3 of these beautiful things when they came into the kitchen. I have never known any one bath bomb be so so popular but as soon as you use one of these you will know why. I believe they have to make these a regular product. But apparently the melt part on top is extremely hard to put onto the actual bomb and on a number of occasions the machine broke! But in my eyes they just need to make a better machine! Lush I hope your hearing me.

You may think this one will just be a white mass that fills your bath water with cloudy mess. And then leaves your feeling all slimy from the melt.

But your all wrong. So very very wrong. This will surprise you beyond your expectations.
It’s a slow fizz so you can take in its pure beauty. Inhale the sweet scent while its frothy white bubbles hit the water.

After a minute you will notice a colour come through. Amazing purples, pinks and blues burst out of the inside creating swirling patters and an amazing mix of colours.


This is the ultimate bath bomb to create your works of art. If you enjoy watching your bombs fizz away and make beautiful patterns then this bath bomb is for you!!! I am totally trying to sell this bomb. Purley because it needs to come back and they all need to belong to me!!!!


I have 2 of these in my stash and at the moment I never want to use them. I have promised myself I will only ever use them if I have had the most stressful day ever. Or if they do decide to bring them out as a regular line.

This is joint 1st in my top 10 with my beloved yoga bomb. And I am pretty sure you can understand why.


So definitely a 10/10 for the roller bath bomb.

To see it in its full glory click here to be taken to my lush YouTube channel.
Unfortunately you cannot buy these anymore. You may find one on eBay but be warned these won’t be cheap.


** these reviews are my own and not endorsed by Lush cosmetics**


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