Instalushlove reviews dreamtime bath oil.

Lush dreamtime bath oil/melt.

Now I have never heard of bath melts before I found lush. I had no idea what they did and what they were for? Obviously you put them in a bath but what happened to them, bubbled, smell? What?

This wasn’t the first bath melt I used from lush it was the mmmmmmelting marshmallow as it smells like snow fairy (sweet bubblegum).

Bath melts come in all shapes and sizes. Lots of different scents and benefits. There is a lot to choose from on the lush website . And a lot of exclusive ones in the Oxford Street store in London  (sadly I have never been)

Now dreamtime bath oil is purple in colour and a square shape with a gold lustre Z on top.


Now all of these are made with shea butter and organic Cocoa butters. These literally melt in your hand. So be aware if you order these in summer they most probably will melt in transit (not that we ever get summer in the UK).


With the bath melts I have come to learn never to use the full melt. Because they are so so rich with the butters it can make you become quite slimy and slidy when you emerge from your bath. I always use half and this seems to give me just the right amount of moisture and scent.

This bath melt has been specifically made to aid sleep and float your worries away. With lavender oil and chamomile blue oil.

All you need to do with these is pop it into the hot water and watch the magic butters and oils dispers into your bath. Dreamtime let’s out beautiful gold and purple swirls of conditioning oils.


Now I like my baths hot. So hot your skin turns red! So my melt melted quite quick but I suppose that’s the whole point of them. It left the water feeling softer with a thin layer of shea butter floating on top.


The story behind this magical melt;

Once upon a time, in a land where days were long and baths were boring a dream was born. Into the Earth and in the stone, when inhabitants wanted to be on their own they would slip into mesmerising purple waves. Ingredients from across the land flocked to be inside the elusive bath oil the people had created.
The chamomile inside was so relaxing that the villagers began falling into deep sleeps. At first, they rejoiced at this lovely soothing benefit, but then they started using their oil during the day. Before long, siestas had expanded and the land had become a ghost town. Capture the spirit of the legend and use this bath oil before heading to bed. As a final tribute to the fantastical land of snores, every Dreamtime is embossed with the letter Z.

I personally loved this melt. It made me feel so soft and relaxed. It really does whirl your day away. Weather it’s been stressful of tiring this will certainly relax your whole body and mind.

Overall I give this 8/10 and I will certainly make sure I always have one in my stash.


To buy this bath oil click here to be taken to the lush website.

And to see a full video demo click here to be taken to my YouTube channel.


**these reviews are my own and not endorsed by Lush cosmetics**


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