Instalushlove reviews yoga bomb bath bomb.

Yoga bomb. Lush cosmetics.


Right this bath bomb looks awful doesn’t it? Just an orange ball. Smells a bit funny too.
Hahahaha nope. This is joint 1st in my top 10 favourite bath bombs. OMG it’s amazing.
Looking at this bomb you really wouldn’t think it.
When I first smelt this bath bomb i was taken back by its woody earthy smell. I really wasn’t sure at all. But I kept going back to it in the shop and decided to give it a go.
The mix of deeply relaxing olibanum and ho wood release, fragrancing your body and surroundings. It’s the ideal atmosphere to lie back and contemplate life.
This bath bomb is a very slow fizz and that’s what makes it amazing.


As soon as it hits the water the slow frothy orange fizz disperses into the bath water. Letting off its amazing smell and bright colours.
After a few minutes you will notice a surprise. Inside this bath bomb are amazing purple and blues. Hidden inside the orange ball these colours burst out and make some awesome bath art.


This is why I love lush. I have never had a bath bomb that looks so dull and as soon as it hits hot water it gives you the most relaxing bath. The work and ingredients that go into these products are amazing.
I could sit and watch bath bombs like this all day.
Bath art is truly art with a lot of lush bombs. Especially the slow fizzers and ones with amazing colours or even surprise colours. The way the bomb fizzes and whirls around the tub creates an amazing show. Making funky patterns and shapes.


This bath bomb definitely gets 10/10 in my books and I will always have a stash of yoga bombs in my lush box.

Click here to see this amazing bomb in action over on my YouTube channel.

And click here to buy from the lush website.



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