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Lush cosmetics henna hair dye.
Caca Brun.

Arghhh henna hair dye I hear you say? Henna isn’t for hair.
Well let me tell you a little secret. Henna hair dye is one of the best dye and repair for your hair.
If your anything like me you know what it’s like dying your hair with shop bought chemical dyes. A different colour every month? Your hair feels dry and constantly breaks?
Well I have been a lot of colours from red to lilac!
Last time I dyed my hair i went blonde. And it was a huge mistake. It ruined my hair. It dried it out so bad it was falling  out. My hair had always been brown with a beautiful shine and so soft and I couldn’t believe I had just damaged my hair so much.
I needed repair. I didn’t want to put anymore chemicals on my scalp.

Then one day while searching for natural hair dye the lush website threw at me henna….now I know henna as being a dye for skin and making awesome art on your body!
But this comes in a large block of six squares.


It’s definitely not the most attractive thing and the smell is awful. But at this point I was willing to try anything to get my hair back to normal. These bars are full of conditioning Cocoa butters which varnish your hair into repair.


The bar comes with gloves and full instructions. Please wear these gloves until your cleaned up. And read the instructions fully before you start.
It’s a very messy process so you will need to cover everything in site. Towels, paper what ever you can find. Wear an old top too.

Cutting and melting the henna;
If you have long thick hair you will need to  use the full block. You may even need one and a half. I have very fine hair and to my shoulders so I only need to use 2/3 squares.
Chop your required amount into pieces.
Use a sharp knife as it’s thick and very hard.


Once cut up place into a glass bowl and boil some water. You don’t need a lot of water but it has to be very hot. You can do more if the Henna is too thick. And stir. Stir and stir until all of the pieces have melted down to a thick paste.


Click here to see a short video of myself melting the henna.

Once melted try and apply it while it’s still warm. This means it will take better.
Applying it can be tricky. It doesn’t smell nice and honestly it’s so messy so beware you will be covered.
TIP: apply vasaline or ultrabland to your head neck and ears before you apply the henna. Henna dyes skin and this barrier will stop it from giving you a lovely brown forehead.

Make sure your full head is covered. Massage into your hair to coat every single hair strand.
Lush advise to keep this on for 2 hours but I have found leaving it on a lot longer is best. I usually leave it for up to 5/6 hours. So make sure you don’t have plans.

Once you have finished wrap your hair in cling film. This keeps the dye on, the warmth in and let’s you get on with what you need to do without worrying about getting henna all over your home.

Here is a full applying video from my lush channel on YouTube.
Click  here to see how it’s done!



Removing the henna;
Now this part isn’t nice. In fact it’s the worst part. You will notice lots of little bits stuck in your hair and they are difficult to get out.
I have found using a thin small tooth comb to combine through the hair with just water gets the excess out.
I then use a tiny bit of trichioma shampoo to soften the hair.
Wash out.
Then I use a blob of America cream conditioner and comb again with the comb. Ensuring I get the majority of all the henna bits out then rinse with warm water. Once that’s all out I use more American cream conditioner  (bigger blob) and massage it into the ends and routes and leave it for 3 minutes then wash out. I find this leaves the hair extra conditioned. And then all the henna bits will be gone!
When drying you will instantly notice how repaired and soft your hair is. It’s truly amazing. The caca Brun has a red tinge so it gives you a beautiful healthy colour.


I tend to do this every 3 months to keep my hair in great condition.

Tip, rinse the bath asap so the Henna doesn’t stain anywhere white!!

To purchase the henna click
here to be taken to the lush website.

And that’s how to use Henna hair dye!


**these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics**


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