So this bath bomb is beautiful. I know this one is a love or hate situation but I am one of the ones who LOVE it.
This bath bomb isn’t one of lush’s regular products and only comes out in the lush kitchen once in a while. Now as everyone knows you have to be quick with kitchen items as they are so random and rare items a lot of people from around the world want the products. Tip every Friday at 3pm the next week’s menu is released. Get a list together of what you want and either join a group order or make sure your on the lush website for 7.45 refreshing. Most kitchen items become live at 8am and sell out within minutes.

OK so phoenix rising what can I say. This is a spicy bath bomb. Filled with Cinnamon, bergamot and jojoba oils. If you don’t like spicy warm smells this bomb isn’t for you. It reminds me of Christmas.
Phoenix rising is a round tall bomb with a beautiful purple colour with gold lustre and a Cinnamon stick on top. It simply looks stunning.


This is my favourite colours too. Once placed into the water it will sink. It hits the bottom of the tub with a thud. This is supposed to happen. Don’t think you have been given a duff bath bomb. Because of the weight this sinks then will rise to the surface to show you its pure purple and gold colours. It’s a slow fizz so breath in the warm scent and watch the colours swirl into the clear bath water.
I find watching a bath bomb so relaxing. The smells and the colours fill the bath it’s beautiful.


Phoenix rising will make your water sparkle. The gold lustre is a great addition to this special bath bomb. This turns your bath water a beautiful purple and pink. Makes you feel very special and relaxed.


So over all this is definitely in my top 5 of all bath bombs.

A full demo of this bath bomb is over on my YouTube channel. This shows how beautiful this bath bomb truly is.
Click here to see!

Over all I would give this bomb 9/10
Lush website


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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