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Fizzbanger bath bomb by Lush cosmetics.

Boom the Fizzbanger! Now I have only just recently tried this one as I will be honest it just didn’t scream to me. It looks like a tennis ball!
Simple yellow in colour and smelt lemony.
So I always bypassed this in the store simply because of thoes reasons.


Now I decided to try this as I had only ever read good things about it. And it surprised me.
This bomb is a strong citrus smell with sweet apples and ylang-ylang oils. There is also a hint of Cinnamon leaf in this but it’s definitely not one smell that stands out.
This bomb apparently has popping candy in it to. I didn’t notice any extra popping when I put it into the bath but that may just be because I was too busy watching as an amazing blue appeared from nowhere!

I didn’t know a burst of blue was in the middle of the Fizzbanger and it was a lovely surprise.


Creamy yellow and blue froth spill out of this bath bomb creating a swirl of happiness in your bath water.
Once in the water this bath bomb will float and spin. Revealing the yellow foam on the outside and the blue bubbles on the inside which in turn turns green!


The freshness of this bath bomb certainly penitraits your senses as soon as it hits the water. Taking you back to an amazing summers day.
This doesn’t fizz quick and gives you a beautiful show.

This bomb isn’t in my top 10 unfortunately due to the scent alone. I love fruity fragrances but this one for me is just a bit to citrus for my nose. So overall I would give it a 6/10.


A full demo of the Fizzbanger is over on my YouTube channel.
Click here to see the full video.

Lush website


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics**


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