It’s been a while.

Well. Hello.

What can I say apart from Hello (again).

This blog has taken a huge back seat over the past few months. Even after me saying that I was starting it up again. 

Sadly my health has gotten in the way. Some may of read I suffer with a few chronic illnesses which unfortunately are getting worse. I have spent the past 2 weeks in hospital trying to manage my pain. 

I am hopefully getting on top of it all now. 

I am missing my lush and bath bake orders so much! I am missing letting everyone know about the amazing new items they have been making. But my heath at this moment in time comes first.

I am praying in the next few weeks I will be well enough to get back too it!

So I hope your all well.

And I will be back soon!

Emma x



Well I haven’t been active here in a good while now. All I can say is that my busy life has got in the way.

Having 4 children, work, keeping the home standing, school runs, parties, holidays and chronic illness I just haven’t found the time to review or post on here. 

So a few things have changed since my last post. Now this is going to be an honest entry to this blog. I don’t love lush anymore. (Waits for backlash). I am deeply sorry to everyone who reads my reviews on lush but unfortunately there isn’t going to be a lot of entries regarding lush anymore. I have simply had enough of the same things over and over again. Over priced. Taking amazing products away (like yoga bomb) and just simply not being able to keep up with demand for certain products at seasonal times. I have had enough of fighting with a computer over kitchen items which everyone wants. Being charged over and over for postage if you want something each day. 

I still love the ethics behind them but there are a lot more people out there creating the same standard items.

So going forward I have decided to branch out more to new bath bomb makers. I will be sticking with my all time favourite makers bath bake love. And creating blogs about my life and other things mixed in between. 



Lava lamp bath bomb by Lush cosmetics. 

As soon as you say lava lamp you instantly think of the hot, tall oil filled lamps which kinda messed with your eyes if you stared at them to long. 

Well this lava lamp bath bomb is a little different. A bright orange bomb with 3 purple oil disc’s embedded in side.

Now from what I have read about this bomb is it used to be part of the lush range a long time ago. But as far as I can tell people wernt too happy with the oils inside them. Apparently they stained the sides of the tub bright purple and didn’t come off for a while. I will be honest I never used one when they fist came out all thoes years back but when they were re formulated in 2016 I had to try them. 

This bath bomb is a citrusy orange smell. It kind of reminded me of orange fanta! But not as sharp. 

The outer fizzes quite quick which then leaves the bath oils to melt into the hot water. Now I did find that the oils did leave a slight residue on the sides of the tub but it didn’t stick or stain me or the sides. It was easily washed away. I did notice with the extra oils this did leave my skin feeling extra soft. You can definitely feel the oils on your skin afterwards. 

It’s not a favorite of mine or anything but I do like this bath bomb. I personally wouldn’t go out of my way to get more. 

You can buy these online here. 

To watch a full demo click here. This will take you to my YouTube channel. 

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


Miami bath ball from Miss Patisserie!

Miss Patisserie is AMAZING! I managed to find this brand new (to me) company who creates beautiful sophisticated bath balls. As everyone knows I am always on the look out for new companies in the UK. Unfortunately I haven’t come across a lot. Ones I have found are all from the USA and sadly I cannot afford the shipping. I love bombs that give an amazing show of colour, smell, glitter etc.

As you can see this bath ball is beautiful. With the green, yellow and white colours layered together. These are bombs that really catch my eye. 

This bomb is made for you to relax. It contains lavender and grapefruit. The mixture of these two scents is simply stunning. It certainly creates a well relaxed atmosphere like your sat on a warm beach. 

These bombs are very carefully made and can take upto 20 minutes to fully dissolve. Once this is placed into the water the green and nd yellow foam bursts out from the sides. It bobs about the water for a few minutes and you see a wonderful suprise. 

Inside this ball is a beautiful deep wine coloured insert. 

This looked awesome in the tub. And really made the whole experience even better. These are the bombs I adore. Beautiful floating foamy bubbles spewing out velvety colours. 

These bath balls make your water a lovely deep purpley colour. And softens the water creating a beautiful layer of soft butters coating your skin. 

To buy these bath balls you can click here. This will take you to the Miss Patisserie Web page where you can see there full product details. 

To watch a full demo of this bath ball you can click here. This will take you to my YouTube channel. 

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by miss Patisserie **


Instalushloveuk….it’s been a while . ….

Hellooo out there……..

I am here…still here beavering away. I know it’s been a while since I last posted a new blog so I am now back! but my first blog post back is going to be about all the goodies I have been buying…..please don’t tell my husband !

OK first I decided to indulge in some lush kitchen items. Well one….I have already had 2 of these from the lush Showcase and a few weeks back the kitchen made a limited number of “Over and Over” bath bombs! I have a full blog post on this bomb a bit further down! I am so so happy I managed to grab 4!

OK so next I decided I wanted to buy from Pretty Suds. I have also blogged about a few of this lovely ladies bath bombs before. I wanted to try her new Halloween/Christmas bombs. I got diary of a Vampire, winter warmth, black and Gold and yule be mine bath bombs. I haven’t yet blogged about them yet but demos of the ones I have used are here. 

 At this point I decided I needed to go on a bomb ban. I seriously have far to many and not enough time to have baths, review, blog and demo all the bombs, shower gel, body conditioner and bubble bars! Plus my husband tried to move my box….he moaned….he found my other box 🙈. 

BUT we went on a shopping trip. We finally had a date day and headed to our local Christmas Market ! We bought chocolate, cheese, canoli and erm….lush! Yes I had to go into lush. But I was good….all I bought was snow fairy body conditioner . Now everyone knows how popular snow fairy is at Christmas . If you haven’t tried or smelt it….seriously what are you doing? The sweet, candy, bubblegum, frosting and sprinkles are what makes snow fairy . 

So I then went a little quiet on the bomb buying until I found a brand new bath bomb lady hehe. And wow I am so so happy I found them. Head over to @misspatisserieuk on Instagram and take a look at her awesome bath products and more. You can find their website in their bio!

I then saw the lush kitchen menu . Why oh why is lush Christmas the best holiday? I have to admit I have put the regular line bombs on the back burner simply because of the Christmas items. They decided to bring out their lush Pud!!! Now if you love Snowcastle  (snowcake) this bomb is for you. It doesn’t give a show but it smells incredible and leaves your skin feeling amazing . I will demo and review . I also got the #error404bathbomb this was a lush campaign  to #KeepItOn. You can find out all the information about this very important campaign here. Lush released the error 404 bath bomb in relation to this campaign and I had to grab some. 

So my last order is due today . This ban was going so well. Well that’s now in firm place. Until the boxing day lush sale i am now not to buy any more. I have the new lush bubble bar and some candy cane roulade arriving and then that’s it! We have our first ever family holiday next year and Christmas so that’s now our priority . 

I will be reviewing every other product I have bought over the past month or so. So that will keep me busy . 

So that’s what’s been happening with my bath items etc. It gets rather busy here with 4 children, home business, my illness etc but I love my little blog. 

If there is anything you’d like me to try, review or even know of a new bath company let me know!!! If there are any vendors our there who would love me to review anything you can email me at 

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YouTube channel Lush Addict 

Enjoy !!!

** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by anyone**


Christmas Pudding sugar whip by BathBakesCo !

It’s finally my favourite time of the year….CHRISTMAS !!!! Which means everyone has created their awesome Christmas range.

BathBakesCo have simply out done themselves again! They have created a beautiful new Christmas limited edition products . I will be reviewing the other items i manged to grab soon but first I wanted to share with you the amazing Christmas pudding sugar whip . 

Now inside this tub is basically Christmas . You’d think they had just scooped a lot of actual Christmas pudding and popped it into a tub! 

As soon as I opened this wow. the cakey, boozy, sweet smell hit me. Now I will be honest I don’t even like Christmas pudding. I have tried it once and it wasn’t for me.But I who doesn’t like the smell of rich fruit, cake and booze? You will be amazed at how this smells just like it.

So along with the soft, light whipped whip which has a fine amount of sugar in it there is also a chunky layer of soft sugar at the bottom and the top. This gave the extra exfoliation but paired with the whip it left me skin feeling amazing.

Every product I get from BathBakesCo is awesome and I urge you to go check them out here. They do still have some of the Christmas limited edition products available but from what I can see this sugar whip is now all sold out and unfortunately you will have to wait until next year now. But they have some awesome staple items that you have to try….you won’t be disappointed !

You can follow them on Instagram @bathbakelove 

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YouTube channel Lush Addict . 

Enjoy !!!!

** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by BathBakesCo **


Colour Fest Bath ball from Miss Patisserie !

I absolutely love finding new bomb creators and when I came across this beautiful little shop I couldn’t wait to try out some of the products on offer. 

This is a bath ball from Miss Patisserie . Now with a company name like that you kind of assume that they create little French cakes. but you couldn’t be more wrong. Now at the moment I don’t know a lot about this company but over time I will learn a lot more. As everyone blogger knows it takes time to grab a feel of new products etc. 

Now Miss Patisserie create a lot of different products but as per I had to try some of thier bath balls first. Now I have to admit it was sooooo difficult trying to decide on what to get. Honestly they all look and sound amazing . I couldn’t splurge too much simply because I have lush orders on the way and of course it’s Christmas soon. I settled with 4 of the bath balls and my first one to try was the colour Fest.  

Now from looking at it from the outside it doesn’t look like this couldn’t do much. A big white bomb with  splash of tiny mica on top with black Sea salt embedded throughout. 

As soon as this is taken out of its packaging the beautiful floral, sweet and peppery smell hits you. And it certainly smells incredible ! A warm floral smell with a subtle hint of fruit. The scent instantly fills the bathroom and only gets even better once in the water. It sticks around for hours. 

Once in the water this bomb creates a white frothy foam that sits gently on top of the water. The bath ball rolls around the water bobbing back and forth. 

After a few minutes you start to see an explosion of colour! I was so happy to see what was in side. A beautiful teal colour mixed with green and a hint of pink.

As the ball rolls around the colour gets more and more intense . Blue frothing and filling the tub. At this point the smell was incredible . Such a calming beautiful smell.

the bath ball took about 20 minutes to fully dissolve into the water . I was sooooo impressed. I have never had a bomb last that long. 

I have really fallen in love with this bath bomb. And I am pretty sure that you will to. These are £4.50 each and can be bought online here.
You can find a full demo of this bath ball by clicking here.

 You can follow this amazing company on Instagram @misspatisserieuk and keep upto date with all the amazing items. 

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YouTube channel Lush Addict 


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Miss Patisserie **